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We believe that developing the opportunity of working with our clients/companies to help them develop robust strategies for the future; rather than just offering loans, will become the new paradigm for the industry, with the lender and the borrower working together to develop real ‘win’ ‘win’ scenarios – thus changing the face of Lending.

What differentiates Get Me Finance from its competitors is that its business model has a four-pronged approach, namely:

  • Investments are more robustly secured by having an underwritten and fully backed LTV maximum of 65% and all investments are secured against assets.
  • Prior to completion due diligence is carried out to ensure, as far as possible, that clients can afford to service their loan – thus keeping loan default low.
  • Every client is offered a free company and/or personal health check along with the opportunity to commission GMF to work with them via a mentoring service designed to ensure that a robust strategy is in place in order to get best value from the Asset Finance service. (Available to new start and existing businesses).

GMF do not take any operating expenses from any investments made.

We are committed as a business to operate with integrity and diligence and thus create an organisation which is fair, transparent and ethical

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