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As specialists in poor credit finance, Get Me Finance can help you realise your dreams no matter what your circumstances.  We believe that you, the customer, always comes first and we work diligently to provide a finance solution tailored specifically to your individual needs and situation.


Do you want the freedom to get the best  used car finance from the dealer of your choice? You can do that with us. Do you want a variety of options for how to finance your car? We can do that for you. Do you want the hassle taken out of finding and financing a car?  You are in the right place.


Finance can be a real mine field for those who don’t fully understand it, we are here to cut through the red tape, streamline the process and deliver accurate, simple and concise information to you.  So no matter what your circumstances, we can find the perfect solution for you.

a solution to every circumstance


To help you find what you are looking for quickly and easily, please choose from one of the following three categories:

“We aim to bring fresh innovative approach to finance, that makes you, the client, the priority at every stage.  If you are unsure of your precise needs, please contact us by telephone on+44 (0) 844 840 4007”

The GMF Mini Bond – we are currently accepting investments into our very own retail mini bond with a fixed 8% return per annum.

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